Thursday, February 19, 2015

Take two on a Blue Buffet

Blue Buffet with green crackle knobs WD-1

Blue Buffet with green crackle knobs WD-2

I painted this buffet in a two tone look a few years ago (it was a taupe grey frame with wood drawers and cabinet doors) and my mom kept it in her dining room for a while. Then, months ago I wanted to paint the whole thing again, so I did! I mixed up a custom color using General Finishes milk paint. This bold blue modernizes the antique style of the buffet and I love the new knobs (from World Market a few months back, they may still sell them). It's sealed in a few coats of GF high performance topcoat in satin for durability and shine. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to Add Photos to Blog Post (using HTML formant) without Uploading Through Blogger

The Weathered Door How to add photos to a blog post (using HTML format) without uploading through Blogger 2

I mentioned in a post the other day that I figured out how to add photos to a blog post without uploading them through Blogger and had a lot of requests to share how I did that. I must not be the only one having trouble with the over saturated and highly contrasted processing that seems to be taking place when photos are uploaded directly into blog posts with Blogger. If you want to see what I mean look at the example above. The photos added to the blog post through Blogger is more saturated, dark, and contrasted as opposed to the exact same photo that I added using HTML format.


1. What I stated doing was added the photos in HTML format (code). When you are composing a post on blogger, or another blogging site, there is the option to have the post in the "Compose" format, or the "HTML" format (this is how it appears on blogger). It's up in the navigation bar on the far left. It's circled in green in the photo below. Don't try to upload photos through blogger where the red "x" is. Click on the HTML button to switch to that format.

How to add photos to a blog post in HTML format (without uploading through blogger)

2. Now, go create a blog. It's super easy to create. You don't have to do all the setup and design stuff, you just want to get an account set up with a site to that you can compose a new post. When I go to I click the "My Sites" button in the very top, left hand corner (circled in pink in photo below). Next, in the navigation bar on the left, under the "publish" heading, click "Blog Posts" (yellow arrow). Then click "Start a Post" (circled in orange below).

How to add photos to a blog post in HTML format (without uploading through Blogger) 7

3. Now it's time to upload your photo(s). Just like on blogger, there are two ways to view a post, the "text" formant, or the "visual" format is how it is referred to on wordpress. You want to be in the "Text" formant (circled in green below). 

Now, click the "Add Media" button (showed in teal below). Go ahead and upload your photo(s) and then select which photo you want to add. If more than one were uploaded at once they are all probably selected. Just click the red "clear" at the bottom of the upload screen (circled in pink in the second photo below) and then select the photo you want to add. The photos that are selected will have the check mark in the photo (circled in orange in the second photo below). Now click "Insert into post" on the bottom right corner (circled in green in second photo). 

How to add photos to a blog post in HTML format (without uploading through blogger) 2

How to add photos to blog posts in HTML format (without uploading through blogger) 8

4. Once you click "Insert into post" you will see the screen below with the HTML code for the photo in the text area (highlighted in yellow). If you see a picture instead of the HTML code, just be sure you are in the "text" mode (circled in green below). Copy the HTML code for the photo, then go back to your Blogger post.

How to add photos to a blog post in HTML format (without uploading through blogger) 3

5. Now just be sure you are in the HTML format on Blogger (circled in green below) and then paste the HTML photo link you just copied where you want it to appear in the post. Once you paste the link (highlighted in blue), then click the "Compose" button (circled in green) to see the regular format of the blog post. **Side note, yes I used a different photo for so the HTML code appears different in the two photos above and below.**

How to add photos to a blog post in HTML format (without uploading through blogger) 4

6. Now, your photos should appear in the post. It will be sized and placed based on how it was formatted for the wordpress post. See how the photo is off centered and is spaced too close to the text in the photo below?

How to add photos to a blog post in HTML format (without uploading through blogger) 5

7. Now you just need to format the photos and line it up the way you like. Click on the photo so the format options appear. I centered the photo and made it the original size (since I had exported and resized it previously). You may have to click a different option and then the option you want again in order for the format to change.

How to add photos to a blog post in HTML format (without uploading through blogger) 6

Now you should have your photo where you want it in the text and it doesn't have the crappy look and coloring that happens when the photo is uploaded through Blogger. I hope this helps some of you! I've been annoyed and complaining about this problem for over a year and I'm so glad there's an easy way around it... it just took me way too long to figure out I knew a way to avoid it.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Soldier Blue Milk Paint Dresser with Orange Knobs

Soldier Blue Dresser with Orange Knobs WD-1

I finally figured out a way to add photos to blog post not through blogger... which means the colors and light in the photos look better (blogger would make things darker, more contrasted and over saturate colors, especially blue). So, a few months later I'm actually sharing this piece since the photos can truly portray what it looks like :)

I found this dresser on craigslist along with the matching nightstand. I just loved the turned legs and the quality of the piece. I prepped it (by lightly sanding, thoroughly cleaning the piece) and then mixed up some milk paint. I chose to use Soldier Blue milk paint and give the piece a layered look with lots of some variation. I also made sure to add a lot of the bonding agent to prevent much or any chipping (it obviously didn't do its job). But that's okay, the piece evolved.

I used 2-3 coats of paint on the dresser. I honestly don't remember since it has been so long :) Anyway, I painted it and let it sit for 2 days before scraping off the chipping paint and then using #0000 steel wood to get off all the chippy paint and smooth the finish out. If you don't have steel wool, pick some up. You can seriously use it for anything and everything. The steel wool made the finish so smooth without roughing it up or getting rid of the paint like sandpaper would. Once it was cleaned off I sealed it with 2 coats of a water based poly and used steel wool in between coats to minimize brush strokes and smooth out the finish. I added some orange Anthropologie knobs I bought on clearance. Normally I choose neutral hardware, but these ones are fun and I love the orange paired with the blue. Lastly, I added some spoonflower paper to the drawers. The mod triangle pattern is perfect to juxtapose the antique style and curves of the dresser.

Soldier Blue Dresser with Orange Knobs WD-2

Soldier Blue Dresser with Orange Knobs WD-6

Soldier Blue Dresser with Orange Knobs WD-7

Soldier Blue Dresser with Orange Knobs WD-4

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Before & After: Navy Secretary Desk with Papered Drawers

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share a furniture makeover of an antique secretary desk. This blog post was originally shared on Lolly Jane back in January, but if you missed it I'm sharing it here as well :)

Navy Secretary Desk WD-10

This desk came from my local Habitat ReStore. It was pretty to start with, but I wanted to paint it and it had some problem areas.  Maybe it's just the time of year, but I've been into darker colors lately and blue is one of my favorites, so settling on navy was a pretty easy decision.

Navy Secretary Desk before WD-1

I had a few options for the navy color but they were too dark for what I wanted. Instead, I chose to use a few of General Finishes Milk Paint colors (it's an acrylic paint, not an true milk paint) to make my own custom color. I started with the color Coastal Blue and added some Perisan Blue to lighten up the color. Then, to grey out the color I added a small amount of Pitch Black. Before painting I prepped the piece by removing the hardware and sanding all surfaces with 150 grit sandpaper. The main goal was to rough up the surface to give the paint something to stick to, but the areas that had more wear (the top and the writing surface of the desk) required more aggressive sanding with an electric palm sander. I then vacuumed the piece and wiped it down with a damp cloth. I lightly sanded with 320 grit sandpaper before applying the second coat of paint.

Navy Secretary Desk WD-9

After the paint cured for 24 hours I applied a coat of flat, water-based poly. I chose water-based poly over other topcoats because it is easy to use, but durable. With a piece that will receive a lot of wear, like desks and table tops, poly is the best option for a topcoat. For durability I applied additional coats of poly to the writing surface using #0000 steel wool in between coats to smooth out the finish.

Navy Secretary Desk WD-8

Navy Secretary Desk  WD-12

Navy Secretary Desk WD-11

While I chose to leave the original wood finish on the interior of the piece I wanted to jazz it up with some paper on the drawers. I like mixing vintage and modern styles together, so I chose some mod triangle gift wrap. I know the pattern is not for everyone, so I only temporarily applied it with sticky tack, but if I choose to keep it there permanently I plan to adhere the paper to the drawers with modge podge and then seal it with poly. The last thing to do was finish the piece off with new hardware. I chose octagon milk glass knobs for the exterior drawer, and some modern glass and nickel pulls for the interior drawers.

 Stay connected and see what else I'm working on:

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coral geometric headboard WD b-23

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where to Buy Hardware for Painted and Vintage Furniture

After multiple emails about where I buy hardware for pieces I thought it would be good to share my favorite place to buy hardware. Hardware is the jewelry of furniture and I love changing out the hardware on antique pieces for some decorative hardware. It can totally change the look of a piece as set it apart from pieces other people are creating. For mid century pieces I prefer to keep the original pulls when I can or find similar vintage hardware that fits the style of these piece.


This is seriously one of the best places to find hardware. The biggest problem for me? Prices. It's pretty expensive and when you are looking for an average of 8 knobs you may be spending $80 plus tax. If you have a small piece like a desk or nightstand I think it's totally worth it to add some unique hardware to make the piece one of a kind. I used 2 Anthropologie knobs on this Empire Writing Desk for a unique combination and I love how the colors and style of the hardware add so much to the piece.

So, how do you get a deal? Stalk the sale/clearance section. I've only ever purchased sale hardware from Anthropologie online or from the sale bin in store. On sale each knob is usually around $3-4, though some that were originally priced higher (reg. $14 or more) won't be as discounted. The sale hardware goes fast so if you see some you want, make the purchase. It probably won't be there the next time you check.
Lastly, new sale and clearance items on listed Sunday night, so check then or on Monday to see what new items have been listed.

**** See below for places that sell almost identical anthropologie hardware for way cheaper.

World Market

This is one of the top place to find similar or identical knobs to anthropologie for much less! World Market has a pretty limited selection, but they usually have 1-3 awesome knobs that you think came directly from an Anthropologie catalog. The delicate flower knobs above are some that Anthro used to carry and now you can find these for just under $4 here. Another one I love are these silver and white branch knobs. I've used them on a few pieces (like this Layered Blue MP Dresser) and the quality is great. The exact same ones are sold at Anthropologie for $14 each, but at World Market they are $4 each.

Pier One

Out of all of these sources Pier 1 is probably my least favorite. If you are looking for more traditional hardware this would be a good place to look, but they hardly even change up the designs and styles they carry. These Ivory Lace Knobs are my favorite. Delicate and neutral. You can see how these look on this Salmon Milk Paint Dresser I painted.

Hobby Lobby

For a long time this was my go-to hardware source. I still love Hobby Lobby and their incredible prices and selection. They have a whole isle that is all hardware! Plus, every other week hardware is half off which makes most pieces $2-4. It's definitely worth waiting for them to be on sale. The hard part is Hobby Lobby is a very popular place to purchase hardware and the stylish ones are not always in stock, or there are only a few. You can order online and place orders in store to save on shipping. These white rose knobs are fun but there are also glammed up knobs, rustic ones and glass knobs. Plus, these awesome gold arrow handles are really trendy and I've seen them popping up all over the place.


One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is Trinca-Ferro. I really love delicate flower knobs, so I adore these Jayne White ones and these blue ones. There are a bunch of other great options as well. I just look through them for fun because there are so many possibilities on what to pair each style with. I also love these striped bone knobs.

If you are looking to find vintage hardware or vintage inspired hardware like mid century, hollywood regency or campaign hardware, also check out Etsy. There are so many sellers for real vintage pieces or you can also find reproductions. These are reproduction campaign hardware recessed pulls.

Another seller to browse is LBFEEL. They have so many vintage inspired options that would be perfect on vintage and modern pieces. These pulls come in both gold in silver and I totally see them on a mid century dresser. These are very hollywood regency. I see them on a glossy or lacquered piece.

You should just go browse the hardware selection on Etsy. There's some good stuff!


I first read about this company is a design magazine. I love bone knobs and while they tend to be more expensive I love the look they have and the contrast the white/off white color adds again vibrant and dark paint colors. I've used the round bone knobs pictured above on this driftwood dresser. You can find them here. They are a great size and have cool variation and coloring on them. A favorite look of mine is oversized knobs like these turquoise-teal ones below. Definitely the right choice if you want to make a statement.


If you can't find what you are looking for on the other sites or stores I've listed, check Ebay. Ebay is great for finding vintage hardware as well as new hardware. I have also purchased Anthropologie knobs off of Ebay that are no longer being sold at Anthro (and the price was less than they originally were at Anthropologie). Definitely search for current items that are for sale from other site and see if you can find a better price on Ebay. Also finding things like replacement Broyhill Brasilia Hardware or other vintage mid century hardware can be done on Ebay.

When I bought 9 Anthropologie blue flower knobs off of Ebay I contacted the seller and asked for a better price. I pretty much just made an offer to buy them all and saved about $15 by doing so. She agreed, changed the price and I was able to get a better deal just by asking. If you have been eyeing something but are a little hesitant because of price, offer less or ask if that is the best price they can do for the items. You might be surprised!


Have any sites or stores where you love to buy or browse for furniture knobs and pulls? Any place I missed? Leave it in the comments below!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Before & After: Mod Triangle Dresser Makeover

Mod Triangle mcm Dresser WD-2

Well I'm back with another furniture makeover for you. It's been a while... not too long, but a while :) I designed another funky piece and just went for it. The idea was drawn out in my idea book and just a few days later my parents found a great petite dresser at an estate sale that was worth the risk.

It was inexpensive, but the piece also isn't the best quality I've seen, which is why I wanted it. It made it easier for me to experiment with one of the many ideas that float around in my head, and if it didn't turn out, I would not feel bad about "messing the piece up." The main thing I wanted to try was a mod or geometric triangular pattern on the drawers. I love straight lines and geometric designs but wanted to try something new and different. I contemplated switching the wood and white portions on the drawers (before it was done) but ended up keeping the triangular portion natural wood and painting the rest of the piece.

To start I removed the hardware and began stripping the drawers with citristip. I think it is pine veneer, but I'm not entirely sure. Once they were stripped I let them dry overnight and sanded the drawers clean and smooth the next morning. I also filled in the old holes from the hardware and sanded it smooth. Next was staining, and from experience I knew there was a possibility the wood wouldn't take the stain evenly. To help prevent that I gave each drawer a coat of pre-stain wood conditioner 10 minutes before staining. This particular wood veneer didn't take the stain color well. It just wasn't getting dark like I wanted. I ended up using a mix of stains and 4 coats to get the color as dark as I wanted it. I used Rustoleum's Dark Walnut, General Finishes Antique Walnut Gel Stain and Cabot's Ebony stain. I mixed the GF Gel Stain with some of he Ebony stain for the last coat and that really helped to darken up the color.

In the meantime the frame of the dresser was sanded with my palm sander then cleaned and primed with my grey tinted Zinsser Cover Stain primer. I applied the primer with a foam brush and sanded it smooth. For the color I wanted a light-medium grey. I ended up mixing Sherwin Williams' Gauntlet Grey and Stone Mason. Gauntlet Grey had warmer undertones and looked a bit more taupe while Stone Mason was a cool grey. They mixed well for the perfect shade. For sealer I used General Finishes High Performance Topcoat in Flat finish on the frame of the dresser.

 Once the drawers dried for 24 hours I sealed them in General Finishes HP topcoat in satin. I was then ready to tape off he triangles on each drawer. I measure in about 3/4in from where the previous hardware holes had been (I wanted those covered in paint). It took a while, but I then had all 4 drawers taped and ready for paint. I made sure to use my handy trick to get clean lines, and then I applied 4 coats of white paint to the drawers. Once it was dry the white painted portions were sealed in GF's HP topcoat in gloss.  As much as I liked the look without any hardware, the piece needed some to make it functional so I added some simple oil rubbed bronze knobs I've had for a long time (bought from Habitat for Humanity Restore a few years ago).

Before & After Mod Triangle Dresser WD pin

Mod Triangle mcm Dresser WD-1

Mod Triangle mcm Dresser WD-2

mod triangle white wood grey dresser WD-2

Mod Triangle mcm Dresser WD-1
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