Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ombre Secretary Desk

This secretary desk started out bland and scratched up. I was set on trying out ombre on this piece, and for some reason I have been really drawn to green and BRIGHT colors lately. Paint can be expensive sometimes (for someone just out of high school), so I went to Home Depot and bought a sample size paint in festive green. I would say the sample paints from hardware stores are the way to go when painting furniture since they only cost a couple dollars (less than $3 in my case) and they can actually cover a large surface. I have painted a whole entire, good sized cabinet (inside and out) with one of these by painting and spraying water as I went. I even had 1/4 of the container left when I was finished!

Back to the desk! The festive green color went on the bottom drawer, I already had a quart of the top drawer color (for a garage sale for $1), and for the middle drawer I mixed the two until I got a green in the middle of the two. I kept the original hardware since it was in perfect condition, but just sprayed it with a semi-gloss white spray paint. I love the way it pops against the greens!

The "body" of the desk got primed, then painted with a white semi-gloss paint. I also chose to paint the top piece that folds down to form the desk white as well. I had tried to continue the ombre onto that piece, but it did not look quite right. Here is the finished piece in all its ombre glory!



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