Monday, August 13, 2012

Stenciled Table

This table started out looking very... weathered... and I like things weathered!

I recently bought a stencil off of craigslist, and decided to try it out on this little table. After sanding it, I used a small foam roller and some off white paint I already had, and stenciled the top. It is not perfect around the edges because some of the paint got under the stencil, but I kind of expected it.

Next I stained over the stencil. I stained it like I would normally stain any other piece. The stain soaked into the wood, and lightly covered the painted areas. You can still see the pattern, but now it has a whole different look.

After the top had dried, I polyurethaned it. I picked a grey to paint the base that gives the table some contrast. It reminds me of a game table.

You can see in the third picture that when the sides are put up they are not level, but if they are kept down the middle portion of the table is perfectly useable! With some work this could be an amazing, level table, but I don't have that skill :( For now it's just sitting... and I don't know what to do with it. I'm just glad it got saved!


  1. So did the white paint come off or...
    It doesn't seem like it is there anymore?

    1. When the stain goes over the paint, it turns it the brown color of the stain. If I wanted the painted part to stay lighter, I could have wiped the stain off to achieve that look.

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