Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dresser Transformation

Alright! I have ANOTHER dresser update. Let's start with the before and after:

This dresser is a piece we had in our house. Specifically, it came from my parents closet. It was under a long shelf for extra storage and better use of space, but really they had enough room in the walk-in closet. I was out of pieces to do, so my mom suggested I redo this one! And lucky for my dad... well, he got to come home from a work trip to his clothes piled on the bed :) I gotta do what I gotta do.

To some it may look like a perfectly good dresser that was not in need of an update. Let's be honest. I has a good size and shape, but it was looking slightly dated. The funky red stain had to go.

As I do quite often, I decided I wanted to mix the finishes. Stain the top and paint the rest. (I have a thing for pieces with wood tones AND painted element. It's a great pair!) Personally, I think is very important to have a balanced mix when it comes to decorating.

The top got sanded down to bare wood and stained a dark walnut, and the body and drawers got painted a beautiful blue. I kept the original hardware, just updated it by spraying it ORB. I thought the dresser needed something else, so I stenciled the top using the same stencil I used on the stenciled table I did and stained over it. Now the dresser has been updated and is ready for a new home!

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