Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Queen Anne Nightstand

A few weeks ago I went garage saling with my friend and her mom. A whole neighborhood in Kent (near where we were for the weekend) was having a bunch of sales! My kind of weekend ;) I had already gotten another side table/nightstand at the Salvation Army the day before and was told by my mom "no more furniture!". The garage is already packed and I did not need to bring anything else home... but this one was not my fault.

When we walked up to the garage sale the nightstand was the first thing I spotted. I loved it and wanted it, but tried to control the urge to run over and claim it as mine. When my friend's mom saw it she said I HAD to have it. I told her I could not take another piece home... but she did not listen. It was already cheap, but she got it cheaper and told the lady I would take it. Deep down I was crazy excited because I have been wanting to paint a queen anne style something!

When I got it home it sat for a while. I wanted a bright/dark teal color but colored pieces are always harder to sell, so I went neutral with a light grey/taupe. I sanded the whole piece down to get the thick lacquer off, then painted it with a satin paint (it seems like a flat). I removed the tiny drawer pull and sprayed it ORB (oil rubbed bronze). This is an easy way to update hardware without having to spend a bunch of money on new ones. Drawer pulls/knobs/handles can get expensive if there are multiple on a piece. I finished off by waxing the whole piece. It is a perfect nightstand with room for books!

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