Monday, October 22, 2012

Falling Hard for Hardware

Grey and mustard have been my loves for loooong time. I was at Cost Plus World Market the other day, and saw these mustard knobs... on clearance! Even though I have two bags of unused hardware, there was no way I could pass them up.

I just got matching tall and low dressers, and this one was the perfect candidate.

Usually I use the hardware a dresser comes with, but this dresser was missing one. I had to fill one of the holes left from the old hardware since I planned on using single drawer pulls.  I used Elmer's Wood Filler to fill the outer holes, and left the inner holes for the mustard pulls I was adding.

The wood filler is a pain squeeze out of that container, but it did the trick! I just kept pushing the filler into the hole, then left a little excess so once it dried, I could sand it smooth. I did not prime the dresser or the drawers, and the paint covered the wood filler just fine.

I used a dark grey paint for the dresser. Two coats were enough coverage, then once it dried, I distressed the edges. When I use sand paper to distress, it usually takes the wood down to its natural color. This time I used a plastic tool I had, and also sand paper in spots. I wanted all of the wood showing to be darker instead of lighter, so I used some Old English Furniture Polish for dark wood to cover up the light areas. After I wipes off the excess and let it dry a bit, I waxed the whole piece. I am having such a hard time letting this one go... I can't decide whether to keep or sell. I may have to keep it. Maybe I will list it and see how its goes. I especially love how the mustard pulls remind me of fall. So festive!

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  1. i love the color and shape and the new knobs totally make it stand out now!

  2. Really cute. Mustard and grey, you can't go wrong!

  3. Love the way they turned out. Just followed. :)

  4. That' s a beautiful color combination. Love the way the hardware turned out. Nice job.


  5. Love it! That color is gorgeous! If you don't mind sharing what is it called?

  6. Love it! That color is gorgeous! If you don't mind sharing what is it called?


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