Monday, October 29, 2012

Thrift Store Campaign Dresser

I think I have an obsession with campaign things. I recently posted the before and after of the campaign desk (you can see that here) and I am back with a campaign dresser. And it doesn't end here! I still have another campaign dresser that matches the desk to makeover.
Here is a picture I snapped after spotting it at goodwill:

When I walked up none of the drawers fit in right or closed because they were not on the tracks. Whoever priced it must have thought they were broken and stuck some crazy low price on it. It was good for me! (I fixed the drawers before taking the above picture)

The top on it is laminate (don't have to worry about chipping paint, denting it, etc.), but everything else is wood. I decided to keep on the brass corners on and just freshen up the outside of the dresser with white paint. I sanded it out so the paint would stick, and gave it two quick coats. The previous owner had rolled the drawers a light blue, so they had a rough texture. I sanded them down and painted them in a pretty grey color that has other undertones (slight blues and purples).

I decided to keep this piece. It is now living in my room where a cabinet used to be. The reason I wanted to keep this was because of the style (obviously). Also, I often want to add a pop of color or change the colors in my room, and I can easily do that with this dresser. If I am really into red, I can just pop off that hardware, give the drawers some red paint, then pop the hardware back on. I could change the color every month if I wanted to. It's that easy!

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  1. i LOVE this! love the two toned look and love the globe!

  2. What an amazing deal!! I love campaign pieces! This looks great!

    Jenna @


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