Monday, November 5, 2012

Dresser with Wallpaper Top

You may have seen this dresser in this post, where I shared some of the unfinished projects that are waiting to be reinvented. My dad went and picked it up for me last week.

Antique or older dressers have style and character that you rarely find in newer pieces. When they are freshened up with new paint, it brings them into the current era without getting rid of the style that makes them unique. For this dresser I used a grey to give it a new look.

I sanded the whole piece down, and gave it two coats of Sherwin Williams Stone Mason. There was one spot on the top where a thin layer of wood was missing. It was not veneer, that was already gone. When I painted the top, that area bubbles, and I knew I had to figure something else out for the top.
Wallpaper? Wasn't going to go buy any. Wrapping paper? It would probably bubble. Map? (like I did on this dresser) The map and the map colors would not go with the style. I was at a standstill. The dresser sat for about a week, then my mom got some paintable wallpaper from goodwill. Problem solved!

The wallpaper was white to begin with, and has an embossed leaf pattern. Here is a piece of it before it was painted and on the dresser.

I cut the wallpaper and adhered it to the top of the dresser I let it dry overnight, then in the morning gave it two coats of paint. I made sure to paint in both directions so there was no white showing through.

What do you think of the wallpaper on top? I like the way it turned out and know I will be using paintable wallpaper again. Hopefully soon! There is still a good sized roll left :)

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  1. I am a new follower, and your neighbor in Snohomish County! My daughter told me about your blog, and I am just floored at what you are doing! In fact my daughter said that the piece of furniture you showed in the back of your car on a recent post..she passed it up, and then was ticked that she did!

    Come visit my blog The Pink Geranium, and you should link up with some of the Linky parties, as your blog really needs more exposure, you are really good at what you do!

    Love the wallpaper idea, brillant!

    Jan in Snohomish

    PS, You may want to turn off your word verification to get more comments, that is what many bloggers suggest.

  2. Jan,
    Thanks! I am glad you like the dresser, I am happy with the way it turned out. I did turn off the word verification. Thanks for the suggestion. I will be sure to check out your blog and try to link up!

  3. LOVE this!! The paintable wallpaper has me actually thinking about painting my walls...

  4. Reeves,
    Another beautiful rescue! I love the wallpaper idea. A very clever way to fix the top of the dresser. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  5. LOVE this idea - it's brilliant! I'm totally inspired :) I've passed up a few pieces because I didn't think I could repair the top, but this is perfect! It looks amazing - you did such a beautiful job :)

  6. so pretty! love the color you used, and the wallpaper is a great idea!

  7. Workmanship is top drawer......!
    Was thinking you lived in the east, as I have or have had some of the same pieces you have liberated from their sad situations.
    I'd love you have Your Re-store. LOL
    Keep up the great work. Jan is right, more exposure is called for.

  8. fabulous job its looks amazing now

  9. This looks great! If you want to see my wallpaper dresser come take a look at I'd love to know what you think.


  10. Ooo! it's so pretty! and your are so right about older furniture having a character that you just can't find in the new... You also have more room for your clothing in the older dressers

    Very pretty! Nice Job!

  11. Very pretty! Love the added texture.

  12. What a great idea!! Looks very nice!

  13. What a genius idea, thank you so much for sharing this! The texture is definitely a nice little surprise too.


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