Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm On A Roll

Since the start of my senior project I have been storing furniture in the garage to upcycle. After almost 2 months, my parents said they wanted the car to fit back in the garage. So, it was time for a garage sale! Even though we picked the rainiest weekend in June, I sold some of the furniture that was clogging up the garage. Now that some of the pieces have left, I was on a hunt to fill the garage up again!

I have been searching craigslist and garage sales for inexpensive items I can fix up. I keep finding one after another! It helps that it is the end of the month because people need to move and downsize, and I am reaping the benefits! Here are some of my latest finds :)

I got this cute little nightstand at a garage sale. I don’t think the lady was planning on selling it since it was sitting in the garage and the rest of the items were in the driveway. I asked her if she would sell it, she said for the right price, which happened to be $7. I think this will look great with a fresh coat of paint!

This secretary desk is scratched up, but it’s nothing a little sanding can’t fix! This came off of craigslist (where I get most of my items). The best part was that it was only a couple blocks from our house. I have seen ombre painted pieces and wanted to give it a try on this. I will definitely post on how it turns out.

Here are examples of ombre dresser. The color just goes from light to dark.

I got another end table/nightstand at the same place as the secretary desk (the next day). This one was also from craigslist and I love the rustic wood and metal legs. I might give it a light sanding and some stain or leave it as is.

The last item I found this weekend was a black sofa table. I thought it could be useful as a colorful desk! It ended up being shorter than I expected, but I still want to paint it in a bright, fun color and then sell it.

After all the craziness of getting the pieces, they got put in the garage… and the car is still in the driveway.

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