Monday, January 21, 2013

Pink Campaign Chest

I got this piece off of craigslist. It was not solid wood like I had hoped, and the hardware was not the true campaign brass hardware, but it had the style.

I decided on a bright color for this piece. I got the paint from Sherwin Williams. It was a $1 clearance because the color was discontinued (I actually got 6 different paints for $1 each!). The color turned out brighter than I expected, but it makes the piece fun!

I took off all the hardware, sanded and then started painting. The paint was a semi-gloss finish, which I hate using, but I thought I would give it another try. It work alright on the drawers, but not on the sides of the chest. The paint went on very thick, and was hard to spread. When I would go over a stripe with the brush, it would pull and leave little dots of excess paint everywhere. I smoothed it out as best I could, then let it dry. In different areas on both sides, the paint has large drip-ish spots. Not just one drip, but a bigger section. It looks bumpy/thick. That's is the best way to describe it. It is not too noticeable unless you go over to the side and look, but I am fed up with this piece so I decided not to fix it, and just sell it. I think the cold temperatures played a role in it not working out, but it was also because of the finish. When it is against a wall in a room, people probably won't be going up next to it, so it should be fine. The front and top look great! Here is what it looks like all finished.

I guess this made it clear that I will not use semi-gloss paint. I just don't like the stuff. Does anyone else have problems with semi-gloss?

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  1. I don't like the finish of semi-gloss, I prefer a satin finish. Some say it's the same, but I can see a big difference. When I first read the title and saw pink I almost didn't check this out, but I'm glad I did, I like the pink, although not my color, it would be perfect for one of the little ones.

  2. I've totally jumped on board the brightly-painted campaign furniture bandwagon! I can't see whatever problems you had on the side, but it looks great!

  3. (And if there's a $1 paint bandwagon, I need to jump on that too! You lucky duck!)

  4. Love it!!! I haven't braved into the bright furniture realm yet but this is fantastic!

  5. Looks awesome! $1 paint, wow! The color totally works with campaign furniture.

  6. I love the color! I just completed a big china cabinet with semi-gloss and didn't love it either. Even with a good brush and foam roller, it still leaves streaks. I think next time if I want a glossier finish I'll try a glossy poly instead. Your piece is to die for, anyway!

  7. I haven't tried semi gloss on a piece yet, but whenever I have a problem with paint I go back to basics and make sure I've stirred it properly and left it to dry for the appropriate time etc. sometimes I get a bit lapse with that basic stuff because I just want to get it done!! I'd say if it was a dollar it may have been sitting in the store for a fair while and may have needed thinning a little? Who knows really!!
    Love the look of this piece so well done!

  8. Love the bright color choice! I seem to have the best luck with satin paint.

  9. I love this piece! I think it looks great! Love the campaign pieces. So fun to do!
    These vintage pieces look best with some gloss. Next time mix your paint with Floetrol. It's for semi and gloss paints.
    Makes it go on like butter and leaves no brush marks. (Sounds like you got some old paint) .
    Also, when using a semi or a gloss, it's best go for quality. I know you got an oops but just saying, in the future if you have a really nice piece, just keep that in mind. Ben Moore Aura is fantastic to paint with!

    1. I like some gloss on campaign pieces, but I don't like working with it. I think I will have to stick with satin or gloss. Semi-gloss is just too thick. The paint was one if Sherwin Williams quality paints, I think the reason it did not work so great was because it was 35 degrees out and I was painting in the garage. It got cold fast and was hard to move spread out.
      I have heard great things about BM aura and may have to give it a try!


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